State of the Art of Public Social Private Partnerships

A section dedicated to country overviews on Public social Private Partnerships

This section presents country fact sheets on the development of Public Social Private Partnerships concept. The overview takes the ground from the SEE Programme Area. in order to increase the quality and quantity of evidence base, the overview has been extended to almost all European countries thank to the contributions of our Observers and other EU networks.

Hungary (SEE)

The local needs and mutual interest are the evidance base for the operation. The local government has got a multiple interest that the ... read more >

Italy (SEE)

The cooperation exists, even though it is not much followed Italy. The reason for it works is that different profit companies, non prof... read more >

Austria (SEE)

The existing legislative framework enables cooperations

Slovenia (SEE)

Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs (the Ministry) has in 2009 by public tender selected nine pilot projects of social entrep... read more >

Serbia (SEE)

These partnerships create sustainable and continuous services or products, which otherwise would not be sustainable or would have more ... read more >

Mirabilia. Venice March 27th 2015

The City of Venice hosts the presentation of Mirabilia Venezia, thanks to the hospitality offered by the Civic Museums Foundation of Venice. Mirabilia Venezia is one of the outcomes of the...

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