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2015 May 20

EEIG feasibility study - WP6

This is the feasibility study on the creation of a Social Enterprises Transnational Network – SETN and it has been realized in...

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2015 May 20

EEIG internal regulation - WP6

This document contains provisions for the execution of the contract establishing “GO EASE -E.E.I.G.” within the limits of the...

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2015 May 20

EEIG contract - WP6

Scheme of contract for the setting up of an European Economic Interest Grouping – E.E.I.G.

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2015 May 20

GEIE Studio di fattibilità - WP6

Vademecum per la costituzione di un G.E.I.E. con sede in Italia

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2015 May 20

GEIE Traccia contratto - WP6

Schema di contratto istitutivo del GEIE.

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2015 May 20

GEIE Regolamento interno - WP6

Il documento contiene disposizioni utili all’esecuzione del contratto costitutivo del Gruppo Europeo di Interesse Economico “GO...

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Mirabilia. Venice March 27th 2015

The City of Venice hosts the presentation of Mirabilia Venezia, thanks to the hospitality offered by the Civic Museums Foundation of Venice. Mirabilia Venezia is one of the outcomes of the...

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