Thematic Pole Documents

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Capitalization Concept

Official introduction to the SEE Capitalization concept.

Capitalization Methodology

Description of the proposed methodology to be used during the SEE Annual Conference in order to deliver a first roadmap draft within each Thematic Pole

Capitalization Thematic Pole 2

Introduction of the main projects which have bee grouped under the Thematic Pole 2 "Competitive SMEs Support Services".

I3E Deliverable: MEthodological guide on Innovation

The I3E Methodology Guide on Innovation helps its readers develop an understanding of what innovation is and what is the process that may be followed in order to proceed and launch to the market an innovation out of a research result

I3E Deliverable: Capacity building trainings and Workshops

The I3E Capacity Building activities resulted in a number of 14 training meetings and workshops participated by a number of 504 participants in 7 SEE countries. Training Materials and Presentations can be found at: