A project on innovative social entrepreneurship and new territorial business relationships


Did you ever hear about social enterprises doing business with “traditional” for profit companies? And did you ever thought about if, how and why public authorities should think about supporting such kind of cooperation mechanisms? And what about the financial industry: did you ever imagine the financial sector may consider these kind of networks an interesting investment opportunity? These but not only are the main topics at the heart of EASE&SEE: a project funded by the European Union under the South East Programme, focusing on innovative social entrepreneurship which considers Social Enterprises being active players in the business community and not only in the welfare system, aims at strenghthening their relationships with “traditional” enterprises and the financial industry and implements concrete solutions to support economic development and networking at local and European level.

The project wants to stimulate and share new ideas among entrepreneurs, investors, financial actors and public authorities. Through local initiatives, transnational study visits and dedicated working sessions, EASE&SEE will help these actors to create new contacts or strengthen existing ones and help them to structure these ideas into concrete business and financial plans. Last but not least, once the plans will have been checked, EASE&SEE will provide concrete support to transform these plans into concrete new business opportunities.


The project is divided into 4 main thematic work packages.

From State to market

This is the place where everything starts. The partnership will be engaged in understanding if, how and where public authorities, for profit companies and social enterprises are concretely working together with a view of creating new economic initiatives and models.

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Financing Sustainable Growth

Finance is both the buzzword as well one of the most critical issues we are facing right now. The partnership is aware about the fact that new economic relationships may require some sort of financial investment and wil be engaged in analyzing, understanding and benchmarking tools and experiences which might be used to develop new activities.

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Business development

Numbers and business scenarios are at the heart of this phase. The partnership knows quite well that evidence of opportunities and financial resources are not sufficient to make things happen. A quite relevant part of the work will be dedicated to a detaileds analysis of business opportunities of each regional area.

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Supporting Sustainable Development Business Plans

This is our real playground where business support units will test the feasibility of creating innovative social business clusters in the SEE area. How are we going to work together? Business Support Units will be activated by the partnership and be available during this phase for on demand service requests.


Mirabilia. Venice March 27th 2015

The City of Venice hosts the presentation of Mirabilia Venezia, thanks to the hospitality offered by the Civic Museums Foundation of Venice. Mirabilia Venezia is one of the outcomes of the...

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