Supporting Sustainable Development Business Plans

This is our real playground where business support units will test the feasibility of creating innovative social business clusters in the SEE area. How are we going to work together? Business Support Units will be activated by the partnership and be available during this phase for on demand service requests. Their role will be to follow up social enterprises eager to start with new economic activities, create business connection between SEs and for profit companies, advice public authorities on the ways to stimulate the creation of innovative social business clusters where SEs, for profit companies and financial actors contribute to add value to the sectorial economic value chain. What do we want to achieve through these actions? Provide concrete and on site advice also through “peer approaches” (entrepreneur vs entrepreneur) in order to make economic relationships between for profit companies and social enterprises move from “paper” to reality.

Mirabilia. Venice March 27th 2015

The City of Venice hosts the presentation of Mirabilia Venezia, thanks to the hospitality offered by the Civic Museums Foundation of Venice. Mirabilia Venezia is one of the outcomes of the...

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